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Important Reasons Why The Location Of A Nursery School In Mumbai Plays A Vital Role During Admission

Searching for a good nursery school in Mumbai involves a lot of research. There are so many factors that come together to create a good nursery school that will shape a child’s future. Teachers’ qualifications, internal infrastructure, games, safety, etc. are just a few of the pointers that parents cannot overlook while looking for an entity where their child can go and find a decent education.

Nursery School In Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool

Among the many factors, the location of nursery school matters a lot. There are a few reasons for the same and a few are listed below –

Less exhausting transport

For a child aged between 3 to 5, it is really not recommended to choose a nursery school where it takes a long time to travel. Always choose a nursery school that is close to the neighbourhood and it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to travel to and from. Anything more than this will exhaust the child confining them to their bedroom once they are back.

Easy pick up for parents

Parents often choose to pick their children in the afternoon. This is observed more frequently during the phase of preschools in Andheri West. An area like Andheri, Borivali or Virar is selected by parents when it is on their way to work and they are able to pick their children easily. Any location that is not on way to work and home is always inconvenient and time taking.

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Offer familiar neighbourhood

Parents opt for a nursery school in Mumbai that is close to home because the neighbourhood is familiar and the child is comfortable with the surroundings. The young mind doesn’t always adjust well between multiple parts of the city and hence fails to learn with efficiency.

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