Enhanced Inquiry-Based Learning Methods in the Best Preschool In Mumbai

Inquiry-based learning helps emphasize the role of the student in the learning process. Rather than leaving it to the student to understand what to do, the teachers help them by creating situations where the students identify and research issues for themselves. This is one reason why you should get your child admitted to the Best Preschool In Mumbai. In these schools, they teach the child the value of innovation and experimentation.

Best Preschool In Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool

Methods of Inquiry Process

Confirmation inquiry gives the child a method as well as the question; in this the result is pre-established. It helps the student develop questioning and communication skills. The next is the structured inquiry process where the student gets the method and the question but the answer is not given. They use these methods in the Best Preschool In Mumbai to educate children in the best possible way while enhancing their curiosity and will to learn. There are two more methods of inquiry.

More Investigative Methods

The next method of inquiry is the guided inquiry process. You can see this method in the Best Preschool in Thane. The students only get the question; they have to frame the method by themselves and arrive at a possible answer. This will test the question before the inquiry is over. The last method of inquiry is that open inquiry. Here the students have to frame the question before they begin their inquiry. They have to form the methods for the investigation and go through the process themselves.

Imbibing Values at the School Level

Self-directed and self-stimulation are essential when the student faces extreme conditions in life. One must learn to overcome them through one’s effort. This is the best way to remain confident and happy always. One learns this when one gets admission at the Best Preschool in Thane. It will always remain the prerogative of the parent and it is his or her responsibility to ensure that they entrust their ward to the proper institution that gives them the best education.

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