Admission to Preschool in Pune

The best preschool in Pune would be preferred by most parents. This is why parents want to enroll their children in the top preschool in Mumbai. The admission to these preschools is governed by specific norms. The article explains the admission norms followed in these schools.

Preschool in Pune - Spring Buds International Preschool

1) The first thing to know is the age rule regarding eligibility. This is important to follow as students would not be allowed to take up their board examinations if they do not meet the age eligibility requirements. The age eligibility norms for the next academic year would be:
a. For admission to playgroup, the student should have been born before 30th September 2019.
b. For admission to nursery, the student should have been born before 30th September 2018.
c. For admission to lower KG, the student should have been born before 30th September 2017.
d. For admission to upper KG, the student should have been born before 30th September 2016.
Admission to each of the grades depends on the vacancy available.

2) An application form needs to be submitted by the parent. The form can be submitted online. It should contain all details of the child and the parents. A copy of the birth certificate should be enclosed for verification of age.

3) The admission is decided based on evaluation of applications. If required, the parent and child may be called for a discussion by the best preschool in Mumbai before deciding on the admission.

4) Once the admission is confirmed, the fees need to be paid to confirm the admission.

5) Students are admitted depending on the number of vacancies available.

The top preschool in Mumbai conducts admission as per a specified procedure. Being aware of this procedure would help parents to get their children admitted to the school easily.

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