Systems Including Montessori at the Preschools in Andheri West

If the Montessori system of education is popular, the reason is not hard to see. It is a hands-on learning process with self-directed activities. This helps the children make creative choices while learning. You can see this in the preschools in Andheri West where parents foster the creativity in their children through this approach.

Preschools in Andheri West - Spring Buds International School

The Usefulness of the Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is popular because it allows freedom for the children. Many preschools in Andheri West use this approach to coach little children.

Other Approaches to Education


This is for the students in the K-12 range in the nursery schools in Pune and it lets the students have complete control of their education. In this form of democracy, the students and staff are equal partners. The children take part in everything including their evaluation. This is much different from the public school where the students have little responsibility except for studying.

Reggio Emilia

This education philosophy has a focus on primary and preschool education. The curriculum uses experiential learning methods in self-directed, relationship-driven environments.


In this method, the children of the nursery schools in Pune gather around in a large oval inside the classroom. They discuss things in a face-to-face confrontation. It helps the students overcome their shyness and develop better communication with their classmates. Teachers encourage children to give more than one answer.


Rudolf Steiner founded the philosophy of Anthroposophy as an educational strategy to help students become well-rounded. This method helps children develop practical skills alongside developing their artistic and intellectual sides. Qualitative assessments of the children’s work help to correct and guide the children often.

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