Pre Primary Schools in Kandivali East: Role played

Pre primary education plays an important role in our education system. Pre primary schools in Kandivali East or any other place play a key role in the development of the child at the basic level. A pre primary or play school in Pune is where the student starts the schooling process. The foundation is laid at this stage is important for the child’s future.

Pre Primary schools in Kandivali East - Spring Buds International Preschool

A preschooler who joins a play school in Pune would pick up the basic skills needed for the future learning. Reading, writing, and basic arithmetic skills are what a preschool would focus on. Other key skills that pre primary schools in Kandivali East would inculcate in students are:

• Basic cognitive skills that help them in learning.

• Social skills learnt by interacting with other students that are needed for the future.

• Motor skills that are essential for the physical development of the child.

• Communication skills to interact with others.

• Develop intelligence and improve memory.

• Vocabulary and language skills that help them to read and write.

• Basic arithmetic skills that help them to do basic sums.

• Craft and artwork that help them use their hands effectively.

• Learn stories and learn lessons from the stories.

All these basic skills would be learnt at pre schools. This would give the student the foundation that is essential to take up further education from Class 1. The physical growth of the child with proper motor skills is aided in the preschool. Apart from this, the mental skills as well as the emotional skills of the child are also developed.

There is no doubt that pre primary and pre schools have an important role to play in the future of a child. This is why it is important to select the best possible preschool for your child.

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