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Virtual Classes at the Best Preschool in Pune

For the past one year, preschools have been shut down due to the Corona pandemic. The best preschool in Pune is offering virtual classes for its students so they don’t miss out on the learning experience. With a second wave this year, there is a doubt if physical classes would commence again this year. Virtual classes seem to be the new normal.

Best Preschool in Pune - Spring Buds International Preschool

How virtual classes are conducted?

The following explains how the top preschool in Mumbai conducts virtual classes.

Virtual classes comprise three parts:

  • The first part is online classes. These classes are done using videoconferencing apps and are led by experienced teachers who know to handle students virtually. Games, fun activities, virtual field trips, play sessions, and special events are used to enrich online classes.
  • The second part is the home connects session. Here, the child practices on his/her own based on the feedback and instructions of the teacher. Self-paced learning activities, stationery kit usage for craft, and practice books/fun sheets make the home connect sessions effectively.
  • Support time is where there is interaction with the teachers and the counsellors. This helps to frequently monitor the performance of the child in online classes.
  • A number of activities like eye exercises, breathing exercises, and Yoga help in ensuring the child’s health is not affected due to the online classes.
  • The daily routine is implemented in a structured way to ensure the child adjusts to virtual learning.
  • Virtual celebrations are carried out to make the child enjoy virtual sessions and help the child develop a strong connection with others in the class.

The information given here explained how the top preschool in Mumbai conducts virtual classes. This information is important for parents so they can adjust themselves to this trend and ensure their children get the best out of virtual class sessions.

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