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How to start homeschooling Nursery School in Mumbai?

Often parents are confused when it comes to creating a homeschool schedule. It is easy to choose a nursery school in Mumbai or homeschool and its curriculum. Today the majority of the parents have been graduated from a typical school setting. In traditional schooling, scheduling was easy as the school started and ended with a bell, and the school was shut on holidays announced by the government. It is challenging to create a homeschool schedule as complete freedom is given under it.

Nursery School in Mumbai

You can break the homeschool schedule into the following programs:

Yearly schedules- The first step in making a homeschool schedule is to determine an annual plan. The annual calendar plays an essential role in the entire homeschooling program. Some parents state they need a specific number of homeschool schedules. The somewhat 180-day school works perfectly with four nine-week quarters, 36 weeks, or 18 week semesters. The majority of the homeschool curriculum publishers base their products on the 36-week model as it’s a high point to start the family schedule.

Weekly schedules- Once you have planned your yearly calendar, you can confidently work on the weekly programs.

Some signs of a good nursery school in Mumbai:

a) Signs of good playschool: the relationship of the child with the staff of the preschool, the language which is used in the classroom, the behavior and friendliness of the team, and the ways how the teachers interact with the children. It is also recommended to have a home-to-school connection. It is recommended and essential that the families have connection and involvement in the preschool activities, which offers excellent support for the children.

b) Potty training policy: the potty training policy needs to be verified before taking admission because many of the schools do not provide potty training, and that’s how the parents need to figure out what they expect and how they wish to proceed.

c) Food habits: sometimes preschools in Pune have restrictions on food that can be carried or served to children.

d) Trust the gut feeling: after considering all the above, the parents need to trust their gut feeling as to what is the best option according to them.

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