Impact of choosing the top Preschools in Mumbai for your Kid

Struggling to find a suitable preschool for your child? No worries. You are at the right place. Giving your child the right opportunity at the right age is very important. This enables your child to learn the important skills that are required at primary school. Moreover, the environment of a preschool helps your child feel comfortable and prepares him/her to adjust in the future. Preschools also help in developing your child’s motor as well as communication skills. This article provides you with some of the essentials that you should find in the top preschools of Mumbai. Some of the best preschools in Andheri West are affordable for all.

Top Preschools of Mumbai

Plenty of schools:

With parents having a busy schedule and little time to equip their kids with some basic skills, it becomes very important for them to admit their children in one of the best preschools in Andheri West. A lot of preschools have mushroomed up in recent times. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to choose a perfect preschool for your child.

Extracurricular Activities:

An ideal preschool must be focused on the children’s overall development. Along with teaching alphabets, numbers, basic shapes and some names, every preschool must stress on ample amount of physical activity. Both indoor and outdoor games should be available. Moreover, extracurricular activities should also be taught; singing, dancing, painting to name a few. The teacher-student ratio should also be kept in mind. A ratio of 1:10 is most preferable. Do not forget to check the availability of CCTV facility to ensure your child’s safety.

Minimum age:

The minimum age required for admission into any preschool is 2years. Needless to say, you will find some of these top preschools in Mumbai. Andheri West is one of the area which has got some of the prominent ones too.

How to start homeschooling Nursery School in Mumbai?

Often parents are confused when it comes to creating a homeschool schedule. It is easy to choose a nursery school in Mumbai or homeschool and its curriculum. Today the majority of the parents have been graduated from a typical school setting. In traditional schooling, scheduling was easy as the school started and ended with a bell, and the school was shut on holidays announced by the government. It is challenging to create a homeschool schedule as complete freedom is given under it.

Nursery School in Mumbai

You can break the homeschool schedule into the following programs:

Yearly schedules- The first step in making a homeschool schedule is to determine an annual plan. The annual calendar plays an essential role in the entire homeschooling program. Some parents state they need a specific number of homeschool schedules. The somewhat 180-day school works perfectly with four nine-week quarters, 36 weeks, or 18 week semesters. The majority of the homeschool curriculum publishers base their products on the 36-week model as it’s a high point to start the family schedule.

Weekly schedules- Once you have planned your yearly calendar, you can confidently work on the weekly programs.

Some signs of a good nursery school in Mumbai:

a) Signs of good playschool: the relationship of the child with the staff of the preschool, the language which is used in the classroom, the behavior and friendliness of the team, and the ways how the teachers interact with the children. It is also recommended to have a home-to-school connection. It is recommended and essential that the families have connection and involvement in the preschool activities, which offers excellent support for the children.

b) Potty training policy: the potty training policy needs to be verified before taking admission because many of the schools do not provide potty training, and that’s how the parents need to figure out what they expect and how they wish to proceed.

c) Food habits: sometimes preschools in Pune have restrictions on food that can be carried or served to children.

d) Trust the gut feeling: after considering all the above, the parents need to trust their gut feeling as to what is the best option according to them.

Virtual Classes at the Best Preschool in Pune

For the past one year, preschools have been shut down due to the Corona pandemic. The best preschool in Pune is offering virtual classes for its students so they don’t miss out on the learning experience. With a second wave this year, there is a doubt if physical classes would commence again this year. Virtual classes seem to be the new normal.

Best Preschool in Pune - Spring Buds International Preschool

How virtual classes are conducted?

The following explains how the top preschool in Mumbai conducts virtual classes.

Virtual classes comprise three parts:

  • The first part is online classes. These classes are done using videoconferencing apps and are led by experienced teachers who know to handle students virtually. Games, fun activities, virtual field trips, play sessions, and special events are used to enrich online classes.
  • The second part is the home connects session. Here, the child practices on his/her own based on the feedback and instructions of the teacher. Self-paced learning activities, stationery kit usage for craft, and practice books/fun sheets make the home connect sessions effectively.
  • Support time is where there is interaction with the teachers and the counsellors. This helps to frequently monitor the performance of the child in online classes.
  • A number of activities like eye exercises, breathing exercises, and Yoga help in ensuring the child’s health is not affected due to the online classes.
  • The daily routine is implemented in a structured way to ensure the child adjusts to virtual learning.
  • Virtual celebrations are carried out to make the child enjoy virtual sessions and help the child develop a strong connection with others in the class.

The information given here explained how the top preschool in Mumbai conducts virtual classes. This information is important for parents so they can adjust themselves to this trend and ensure their children get the best out of virtual class sessions.

Know the benefits of starting franchise for the best Preschool in Mumbai

Are you residing in Mumbai and looking towards a lucrative business without running places? Well, going for a preschool franchise won’t be a bad idea. In fact, the best preschool in Mumbai are always looking or franchise owners having favorable locations. There are various benefits of the same.

Best Preschool in Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool
  1. Low risk: Investing towards a school franchise is nothing a great risk. At least, you won’t go for a loss. Having a property in a residential or semi residential place would be the most favorable location as parents prefer their kids to travel less for a school. Pick and drop would be a favorable duty in this case.
  2. Franchisor’s back: In case you are taking franchise of a good company, you will receive all necessary aid for marketing, branding and promotions. Just invest, and you will be given support. Only you will have to pull students and accomplish effective sales. The best preschool in Mumbai would always want to have franchise all around the city where there is good chances of business.
  3. Return on investment:The return on investment would be quite high. Education business is a lucrative idea and this will never be out of demand. You will be a win-win situation once you invest in franchise of the nursery school in Mumbai.
  4. Education is satisfying: There is no business so much satisfying like education. You will feel this is a noble job as you are running an institution dealing with imparting education to the future of the country. Enjoy every moment of your association with the nursery in Mumbai.

If you are running a franchise make sure to furnish the school campus with the best of available facilities. A good infrastructure would ensure quality education imparted to the students.

Reasons to have the top Preschools in Mumbai

  1. Mumbai the commercial capital: Mumbai, the economic capital of the country has all possible facilities in the city, and eminent professionals stay here. There are various facilities where your kids can see a good start to their education. The demand for top preschool in Mumbai is always at high.
  2. Number of working parents overwhelming: There are huge number of working women who earn their bread from this city. Their expectation to put their kids in the best preschools in Andheri West has actually led to a huge number of schools in the city.
  3. Best education in Mumbai: Mumbai boasts to have one of the best education facilities in the country. So, the people settling there would have expectation to place their kids in the best of preparatory schools. Nursery is the main foundation of primary education thereby maintaining the solid pillar of knowledge and personality. So, searching for a quality preparatory school is a great criteria for the parents, especially those looking or the brightest future for their kids.
  4. Get the best facilitators: If you are having schools, there must be teachers for the best possible teaching. The number of trained Montessori teachers in the city are huge. So, if you are in staying in the city and putting your schools in the top preschool in Mumbai, then expect to have the best teachers training your kids.

You may have the expectation to place your kid in the best preschools in Andheri West, as this is one of the posh areas of the city. The best place to live in the city would offer you with top facilities and opportunities. Since preparatory schools are the best way forward for personality development of a kid, parents leave no stones unturned to get the best option for them.

Basic Skills Your Child will learn in the Best Preschool in Mumbai

The best preschools in Andheri West will make the venture worthwhile to kids and parents. That’s why they teach the students various skills, especially the basic ones. Remember that preschool is also about preparing your kid for kindergarten. The best preschool in Mumbai will provide that by offering various skills. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Preschool in Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool

1. Gross Motor Skills

The time that children are attending preschool is usually around when they are learning motor skills. Therefore, it is ideal for engaging the kids with activities that promote their development. Preschools spend time helping the children develop gross motor skills. After all, they come in handy in kicking, jumping, skipping, and running. They also need them to through the ball and use other playing equipment.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills is equally important. Some of the common ones are hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. They are vital for writing and grasping. As a matter of fact, they are indispensable when coordinating fine movements. It is what they use to glue, color, cut, and draw. Can you imagine what lack of these skills could impact your child? That’s why the best preschool in Mumbai shouldn’t take them for granted.

3. Social Skills

No man is an island which is why social skills are essential. It is how kids learn to live with each other and even adults. Learning to follow classroom rules will translate to following the law in the future. By sharing, playing together, and turn-taking, kids, learn how to interact while embracing diversity.

4. School-Readiness Skills

Again, preschool prepares the child for kindergarten. Some of the preparations include teaching them how to feed themselves. They also learn how to wear coats and shoes on their own. Using the bathroom without assistance is also something they understand.

Excellent preschools in Andheri West should offer those skills to your child. After all, they are essential for their daily lives and the future. Otherwise, going to preschool will be more or less a waste of time, effort, and resources.

Benefits of the Best Preschool in Thane to a stay-at-home parent

One assumption many satay at home parents make is that only their working counterparts need the best preschool in Thane. After all, they have all the time to take care of their children. Why then bother with admission for nursery in Mumbai? Here are the reasons.

Best Preschool in Thane - Spring Buds International Preschool
  1. It is healthy for your kid

It is an excellent opportunity for your child to experience the world without you. It allows them to interact with people other than you. Their social skills also develop as they interact with other kids and adults, particularly teachers. Last but not least, they also get to know about themselves better.

  1. It is also healthy for you

Once your kid leaves for preschool, it gives you a mental break. After all, when under your care, you are always looking after them all the time. Consequently, you get to rest, take a nap, or other things. Just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break.

  1. Interaction with kids their age

If the child is the only one around, it can get lonely. As much as you are there, playing together may be tricky. That’s when admission for nursery in Mumbai becomes indispensable. It gives your kid a chance to play with other kids, which is fun.

  1. Learning from professionals

As the child grows, teachers get to a better position to teach them than their parents. They have the skills necessary for the appropriate training.

  1. It prepares them for kindergarten

Eventually, you will have to take your kindergarten. Wouldn’t it be better if they were prepared for when that day comes? The best preschool in Thane will do precisely that.


It is okay to take care of your child, especially if you are a stay-at-home parent. However, look at the bigger picture because preschools also have their benefits. Your child deserves to enjoy them.

Getting Admission at the Top Preschool in Mumbai

There is a demand for good preschools since parents want their children to get the best education. If you want your child to be admitted to the top preschool in Mumbai, then you need to be aware of how the admission works and what the eligibility is.

Top Preschool in Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool


The eligibility for admission to preschools in Andheri West for the 2021-2022 session is as follows:

• For admission to playgroup, the child should have been born before 30th September 2019
• To get admission to nursery, the child should have born before 30th September 2018.
• For the Junior kindergarten admission, the child should have been born before 30th September 2017.
• For senior or upper kindergarten admission, the birth date of the child should be before 30th September 2016.

It would be better to contact the preschool in Mumbai where admission to sought to confirm admission eligibility before going. Admission also depends on rules framed by the state government, which is important considering the COVID-19 situation.

Admission process

The admission process at preschools in Andheri West would be as follows:

a) An application form needs to be submitted. The details of the child and parents need to be provided. A photograph of the child would be required.
b) A copy of the birth certificate should be provided for confirmation of the age. The original would have to be produced at the time of admission.
c) An interview is held to decide on selection. The interview is done to understand the learning ability of the child and also to find out how involved the parents would be.
d) Based on the interview, the child would be given admission after which the parent can pay the fees and start classes.

The admission guide given here will help parents enroll their children in the best preschool.

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Looking for the Best Preschool in Thane is worth

Mumbai has many upcoming places where real estate development sprang up and taking a promising shape. Thane is such a place and parents living here is looking for the best preschool in Thane. Well, there are some advantages that makes Thane the most preferred location for working couples.

Best Preschool in Thane - Spring Buds International Preschool
  1. Proposed metro would connect Godhbunder Road having more than 10 halts. The commuting time between Wadala and Thane would reduce to almost half.

2. The construction of Thane Diva road is going on.

3. There is a flyover near the Bhiwandi bypass.

4. There is a proposed Metro 3 project coming from Kalyan to Mira Bhayander and also other areas.

5. There are parallel roads from Thane to Kalyan running along the metro line. Commuting will be easier and faster.

All of the above points mentioned are proposed and some are of course functional. But the huge prospective advancements are the proof of the fact that Thane is a great place for investment and also residing. More and more working couples prefer the place for comfortable living, and thus they would be looking for the best preschool in Thane.

These are some of the reasons why Thane and its vicinity is considered to be one of the most viable choice for office as well as residence. There are various play school in Mumbai having good infrastructure and also a well- designed curriculum for the young learners. The playschools are generally placed in areas having great positional advantages.

The play school in Mumbai are the best places where kids get the preparation for admission to renowned schools. In fact parents stress a lot of interactive learning and also facilitated learning system. Parents generally look for the best schools and prefer referrals, which is the best way to know about a preschool.

Things to look for choosing Pre-School in Mumbai

Are you living in Mumbai and looking for a pre-school in Mumbai for your kids? For a working couple, pre-schooling is very important as it said to be the foundation of a kid before attaining a proper primary school. Pre-school in Mumbai is not merely a time pass, but has important aspects attached to it.

Pre-school in Mumbai - Spring Buds International Preschool
  1. The teachers should be properly trained to handle kids: The teachers of a pre-school should be properly trained to look after and understand the requirement of the kids. They should undergo the mandatory basic training that is offered to those willing to teach small kids.

2. The kids should have more of interactive session: Kids do learn fast while there is much of interactive session. They should be taught with the help of audio visual and multimedia. That is a better method of teaching.

3. Discipline is the first thing to be taught: Discipline is the first thing to be taught to the children, especially toilet practise, greetings and table mannerism. These are some of the basic lessons parents expect the kids to learn at school.

4. Learn more about the accreditation program: You must know more about the school’s accreditation especially if they are running the right program meant for the learners. The best pre-school in Pune will give you detailed idea on the program run by them.

5. Visit the outdoor space: As a parent you must visit the school once and have a practical idea on how the kids will be tutored. Any school must have an outdoor space where they can practise games and socialise.

6. Learn from referrals: You may learn more about the schools through referrals, or people who had already kids in those schools. Parents can give a better feedback and you will be in a practical position to know about the best pre-school in Pune. Pune being an industrial town, most of the working parents stress on good quality schooling of kids.

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